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Essential Oil Testimonial...


I have always enjoyed using essential oils, but I didn’t realise how powerful they could be until I started working with Rachel. When I lost my husband, Rachel was kind enough to send me a care package of oils that could help me, and I have to say these really helped me, especially in those first few months. Her knowledge of oils, what we can do with them, how they can help children and all different states of being has been beyond helpful. I am forever grateful for her support and incredible information about these oils at this hard time in my life. I know they will be a foundation of my wellbeing for years to come.



Together Retreat Testimonial...

My first impression walking into the room for the 'Together Retreat' was a feeling of calm & once we had all arrived & started the day I felt enveloped in a safe, kind & loving space. I loved everything about the day & didn't want it to end. I came away feeling loved & nurtured. Thank you so very Much..



EFT Testimonial...


I have been holding to a very destructive emotion from the event that occurred long time ago. And I had no clue how badly I needed to process and shift it until I recently had a session with Rachel. Wow! It was an incredible experience. I finally felt a huge release and a feeling of relief. And I can finally feel now that I am able move forward in my life. I will be forever grateful to Rachel for facilitating for me this session, as it gave me a sense of peace, comfort, love and freedom. She has a rare gift for holding this beautiful and safe space for the client to create a major shift in their life. It's something very difficult to will know what I mean, once you experience it directly.



EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Testimonial...


I booked a session with Rachel when I had lots of big family changes going on, whilst still juggling running a business and a chronic illness. I have little support and suddenly realised I was being mean to myself to not allow myself to take the easy way with someone else helping me.
She helped me to clear old hurts that were taking up too much space mentally & emotionally, in an already challenging time. I felt like my past was going to get in the way of my bright future and was doubting my ability to get there.
Working with Rachel gave me a sense of clarity, security and strength to move on with. Everything I currently have on my plate, feels so much lighter and more achievable now! I'm very fussy who I work with - I highly recommend her, not just because she is an experienced practitioner, but also because her own experiences, mean she is a really wise guide to dealing with mine.



EFT & Coaching Testimonial...

I recently had a couple of EFT sessions with Rachel to help me release some long held limiting beliefs and the shifts have been amazing.
Rachel was calm and reassuring throughout the sessions, leading the way and asking just the right questions to help me delve deeper into what was holding me back. The statements during the tapping itself reflected exactly how I was feeling. I went from feeling tense and resentful to calm and accepting, and my perspective on the situations definitely changed.
Since the sessions I’d had further enlightening moments and I now feel so much more confidence in myself. I would 100% recommend Rachel to help you find clarity and freedom if you’re struggling with any situation that’s holding you back.



EFT Testimonial...


I have recently had a couple of EFT sessions with Rachel to help with an issue I had been suffering with for approx 3 years.  During the sessions other emotions surfaced which Rachel gently guided me thorough, by quietly asking me questions in a calm and patient manner.   Since having the sessions I rarely experience the issue I had been suffering with, which is amazing considering it was on a daily basis.

I found the whole experience very relaxing and enjoyed taking some time out just for me! Thank you Rachel.


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