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About Me

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Welcome, my name is Rachel, formerly of Another Way Health.


My business journey has been born from the healing path of myself, my children and our family. I have learnt so much along the way and I continue to do so. I hope that you enjoy looking at what I can offer you.

Family Wellness is at the core of what I do. This is such a vast area, and one solution does not fit all. We are unique individuals, as is our family make up and family dynamics. Because of this, I have a bespoke approach to individuals and family wellness. I have a toolbox of different skills, qualifications, techniques, and approaches that I use with my clients.

I have 5 pillars within my toolset that I feel support family wellness. Each one covers a huge number of issues, as well as solutions. These are Dealing with Life’s Hurdles, Food and Vitamins, Rest and Stress Management, Movement for Mental Health, and Connection and Communication. We will all be out of balance at some time within our life, and these areas can be affected negatively for us as well as for our families. Looking at the different pillars can help us find solutions to making us feel more in control of our wellness.

The glue to all of this is often the ‘mother’ or person who has this role within the family. They don’t have to be a mother – it’s the role of organising, creating, holding space, remembering etc etc the list is huge. This can be in any size of family. There doesn’t need to be children in a family for it to be a family unit.

If this person is out of balance, the whole family can feel it, even if they don’t realise. I really enjoying supporting people in this role to see their importance, not only within the family, but as an individual. Seeing themselves as who they are rather than as a role. It is my aim to inspire and encourage as many ‘mothers’ to support and educate themselves in caring and loving themselves first of all, self-care is not selfish!

Thank you for reading, I really look forward to working with you.

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