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Hi, Im Rachel ...

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Hello! I'm Rachel, a spirited soul joyfully juggling the beautiful chaos of family life with my four amazing children, a lovable dog, and my supportive partner in our wonderfully blended and neurodiverse household. When I'm not navigating the adventures of parenthood, you can find me soaking up the tranquillity of nature on a walk, cherishing family time, or connecting with friends and loved ones—relationships are the heart of my world!


Professionally, I'm dedicated to nurturing growth, healing, and resilience in the amazing women and children I work with. My journey has led me to embrace a kaleidoscope of healing modalities, including EFT tapping, coaching, essential oils, mental health first aid, meditation, and journaling. I believe in the beauty of customising my approach for each client because our individual differences are what make us truly special.


At the core of my work is a belief that understanding and attending to our emotional needs is crucial, not just as adults but right from the tender beginnings of childhood. My mission is to empower mothers and their children, from birth through to adulthood, to navigate life's challenges with strength, grace, and a deep sense of emotional well-being.


Join me on this journey of discovery and healing, where together, we'll explore the paths that lead us towards a more joyful, balanced, and fulfilled life.

We can make changes all together – This is even more powerful. If you are part of my regular customer base, you get access to free learning and discounted rates for coaching and EFT.


If you would like to book a free 15-minute call without obligation to see how I can help you, please use this link below:

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