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About Me

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Natural Health, Essential Oils, EFT coaching and Retreats with Rachel


Hi, I am Rachel, thank you for coming to see my website.

I am a wife, dog owner and mum to 4 living in Bradford on Avon just outside of Bath, Southwest UK.

My passion since I had my first son almost 21 years ago is natural health solutions.

Over the years I have been able to support myself and my growing family in ways which have meant less trips to the doctor. This has saved time but also has felt empowering. We, of course, go to the doctors when needed but I have to say this is not very often.


I feel confident supporting myself and my family with common health issues as well as emotionally and mentally.


We use high quality pure essential oils, high quality supplementation and natural day to day products such as skincare, oral hygiene, and cleaning products. All of which are not ladened with toxins so our bodies can focus on being well and not consistently fighting against them. These toxins cause so many illnesses and disease which we see more and more of nowadays.


I love to use EFT as my main modality for supporting people’s emotional health. I find that people can have really amazing shifts fairly quickly. It is a great tool to use for simple issues and well as more complex ones. Of course, more complex issues will take longer to work through.


I like to offer women’s retreats and circles local to me. I find by bringing a community of women together we can support one another and gain so much insight and wisdom. These are there for the participants to just relax, unwind and know they are held and supported in a non-judgemental environment.


I hope you find my work both educational, supportive as well as inspiring and empowering. It gives me great pleasure to help people work through their issues and become free of what was holding them back.

Please see below a little bot more about what I do.


I work with people who want to actively make changes in their lives, whether that is emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually.


I offer 1 to 1s to help you start your journey to better health, to support you with your goals within your lifestyle.


I do this with providing education around suitable supplementation, use of collagen, using essential oils and other tools that will help you make these changes.


I use coaching and EFT to keep you accountable and to work through any blocks you may have.


I run women’s day retreats 3 times a year near Bath.


I run monthly classes to support essential oil usage, some for supplements and collagen.


From 2024 I will run 2 gut cleanses a year to support you with your lifestyle changes.


You can work 1 to 1 with me over a month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year. The choice is yours.


There is an online and in person community which you can be a part of to help yourself and others be accountable.


We can make changes all together – This is even more powerful.


If you are part of my regular customer base, you get access to free learning and discounted rates for coaching and EFT.


If you would like to book a free 15-minute call without obligation to see how I can help you, please use this link below:


Join me on social media:






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