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Empowering Families From Birth to Adulthood

Our Journey Together Welcome to a space where the emotional and physical well-being of families is nurtured from birth through adulthood.

As someone who is neurodiverse and a parent to neurodiverse children, who have faced challenges with mental health and schooling, I bring a deeply personal understanding to my practice. This unique blend of personal experiences and professional expertise, including my background as a secondary school teacher, primary school special needs coordinator, and a practitioner in safeguarding, is dedicated to supporting the intricate journey of mothers, and children through each stage of life.

My journey through single parenthood, divorce, and navigating the dynamics of blended families informs every aspect of my work, offering a comprehensive and empathetic approach to emotional well-being and resilience.


My Approach At the heart of my work is the belief in the transformative power of emotional intelligence and the importance of nurturing this from the earliest moments of life. My holistic modalities are designed to support and empower. My Modalities Through a variety of modalities, I address the emotional and physical needs of my clients. Baby Massage: Building bonds and fostering security from the earliest days.


EFT Tapping: Offering tools for emotional regulation and resilience throughout life's challenges. Coaching and Mentoring: Guiding young people and adults in understanding and navigating their emotional landscapes. Supportive Listening and Holding Space: Creating a safe environment for expressing and exploring emotions, fostering genuine connections.


Your Journey Is My Priority Your emotional journey, with its unique challenges and milestones, is my priority. With a foundation built on empathy, education, and experience, I am here to support, guide, and celebrate with you from Birth to Adulthood. My practice is dedicated to empowering each individual with the tools, knowledge, and understanding necessary to navigate life's journey with emotional intelligence and well-being.

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