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Using Essential Oils for Community.

Updated: May 11, 2023

The definition of community is - the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.

I feel honoured to have a few very special communities that I am part of. My global doTERRA community is the largest. I have recently had the pleasure of being with thousands of my community at convention in Hungary. I have my smaller doTERRA community in the UK and then more local to my area. We connect online and in person and share certain interests and life choices together. This feels my cup. I love to connect.

I then have a couple of smaller communities which have come from being an EFT practitioner. I love these communities as much as my oily one. The connection with like-minded people, sharing common themes and attitudes to healing and health. Its an honour and a pleasure to be part of these communities.

Then of course, we have our friends. For me I have very few close friends, but these people are like family to me. The people who I would trust with my life and that of my children. The people that life would be disconnected without.

I want to look at oils that help us connect. For me that is the centre of community. Connecting with likeminded souls.

More and more communities are online since the pandemic and perhaps it will stay this way for many. I have been thinking how we can make that community experience a deeper one for both online and in person connecting.

The oils I have chosen will support both online and in person connection.

Tree oils

Tree oils have a strong connection with the element of earth. They are associated with being grounded, secure and strong.

They offer protection, resilience and are supportive of the physical body. Wood oils enhance your connection with the world around you. Wood oils can remind you of the continual circle of connection around you.

Generally speaking, wood oils are base oils. You can blend with flower oils for love, leaf oils for insight, fruit oils for abundance and joy. These trees (as well as roots) are earth oils reminding us of that sense of security and homecoming – Earth signs will really resonate with these oils (I am a Taurus and I love the tree and root oils. They really ground me on a deep level).

Tree oils are all about being present and standing tall together. I have chosen cedarwood as my tree oil choice for community.

Here is an affirmation you can use when using tree oils like cedarwood: I am at home with my tribe.


Cedarwood awakens the joy that comes from the strong bonds we form with others. Your instinct and inclination will always drive you towards creating community. Its an experience that all humans want.

You may notice sometimes that something will come out of your mouth when in groups and you are left wondering – where did that come from? The energy of a community helps us feel supported to speak out and be heard. The community of like-minded people can help our soul want to be heard again and allow ourselves to be vulnerable and heard. To feel safe and secure in our surroundings and with the people who make the community.

We are naturally wired to stay connected.

Cedarwood helps you realise that you don’t loose identity in a group, but more you discover who you truly are.

It helps you stand in your own power when you are around your people.

Strong roots help trees stay grounded and nourished, the trunk ascends towards the heavens and their spiritual connection, and the branches reach out to the world.

Cedarwood is always part of a large forest and encourages you to experience the pleasures of community, family, touch, connection, and a greater sense of oneness.

It is lovely to blend with lemongrass and pink pepper for resetting and aligning your direction in life.

You can diffuse and use topically.


Lime is known as the zest for life oil. You can use this topically aromatically and internally.

If you chose to dilute it and wear it on your skin, be mindful of not spending too long in the sun.

Lime instils courage and cheer in the heart and reminds them to be grateful for the gift of life.

In a community this oil can help support those who are feeling discouragement or grief. Lime can help elevate you as an individual and a collective. I feel lime can helps support us all as we move through and forward from the pandemic. We all will carry grief individually and collectively.

Lime is wonderful to anoint your heart chakra. It is helpful for those who want to revitalise their heart space after loss, grief etc.

Lime helps support a balance between the heart and mind. It instils joy, courage, and determination to face life’s challenges.

It blends well with other citrus oils such as green mandarin and tangerine.

For creative inspiration (a community coming together for a creative process) lime, cardamom, siberian fir and spearmint.


You can use this oil blend topically and aromatically.

The essential oils in the blend are spruce, ho wood, frankincense, blur tansy, blue chamomile and Osmanthus.

Balance is one of the best blends I have used for grounding. I find it helpful to get me into the present moment and leave everything else alone whilst connecting with community. The oils in the blend are a combination of tree and root oils as well as flowers.

Trees aren’t in a hurry. They’re present and stable. We want to bring this energy to a community and groups where we connect.

It’s a great blend for reconnection to self, with others and the earth. Group spiritual practices would benefit from this blend.

I use this blend for group tapping / EFT and for when I am holding space with groups. I use it and set intention with it online as well as in person. It gently supports, grounds you as well as connecting you to your inner strength.

I wear and use it as ‘pure’ fume. I put it on my wrists and behind ears.

I love it in my diffuser with wild orange. Uplifting vibes of wild orange with the grounding and calming influence of balance.

If you would like to delve deeper into Essential Oils and how they can support your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self, please get in touch. I am here to support you on your journey. My website is or phone 07894034406. You can email me at My FB group is @MothersWorthWellnessAndWisdom and Instagram @MothersWorthWellnessAndWisdom.

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