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Oils to support Overwhelm

In my experience there are many issues that come along with high functioning autism, and overwhelm can be one of them. This can be from a host of things from overstimulation from noise, smell, touch, people, etc etc.

We have used some essential oils here to help support this.

I will say though when sensitive to smell, gentler oils and going slow works better. In my experience oils on feet (so smell cant be detected) can be a winner. Diffusers around the home (low amount of drops as you don't want the smell to cause overstimulation). If you find one that helps it can be a go to solution to support overwhelm.

Our tried and tested favourites here and how we use them:

🌿Adaptiv Touch (diluted version can get it without FCO)🌿

(blend of spearmint, lavender, copaiba, wild orange, magnolia, rosemary, neroli, sweetgum and fractionated coconut oil) - supports anxious feelings. We use it here on wrists, and sometimes behind ears. Also smelling directly from the bottle and a couple of drops in the diffuser. This is used daily by my daughter when leaving the house. She says it helps her feel calm.

🌿Peace Touch (diluted version can get it without FCO)🌿

(blend of vetiver, lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense, clary sage, marjoram, labdanum, spearmint, fractionated coconut oil) - This one has been used here for reassurance. A blend my daughter chose to support her when she was having panic attacks at school. She would use on her wrists. Later on she decided to out it on her feet as when she was really overwhelmed the smell was too much for her. It worked a treat on her feet. It is used less often here now.


(blend of spruce, ho wood, frankincense, blue tansy, blue chamomile, osmanthus and fractionated coconut oil) - this is used I the diffuser with wild orange to create and grounded space with the uplifted playfulness of the orange. It has been used here throughout the day of wrists, on feet, in the car - its a favourite!

These three are part of daily life her to support anxious feelings, overwhelm and being overstimulated.

Get on touch if you'd like to learn more.

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