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Helping Autistic Children with their Emotions

I am writing these tips as a mum and not here to diagnose or suggest these will sort everything out for you. They won't but they may just help you and your child a little bit with the emotional difficulties they can face.


we use essential oils here effectively. I wrote about our three favourite for support yesterday. Go and have a read. If you would like a sample just get in touch.


Sounds simple but breathing really helps. Focus on something whilst doing it - like a rectangle. We choose these because every room has a window and a door - so you have at least two to work with. The idea is to breathe in on one side, out on the other and so on. It helps to regulate breathing when feeling overwhelmed. It takes the focus onto something else.


Apps like headspace can support with simple and short meditations for kids and adults. Sleep ones, in the daytime too. Just to focus on something other than overwhelm.


Writing it down on paper can really help to release what you don't need. It can also help you get clear on what is going on in that moment.


Each week I do around 10 minutes of tapping. If you'd like to watch and see how it can help you. This week I did one on anxiety. Tap along with your child, I am sure they will benefit. If you would like more information on taping, just ask me.


Yoga poses, Pilates – whatever works for you. Just slowing down and stretching their bodies can help the focus change. Having a sense how they feel. Are they stiff, tight? Where are they holding this? Again its another energy release.


Walking, running, dancing all do the same thing. Often my daughter will put her music on and dance as fast as she can. Other times it will be heartfelt and slow… I can see the different emotions in the way she moves. Same with getting out in nature. Walking in nature is a wonderful way to get out of your head and in your body.


Yep, this one happens lots too. I think it’s a great release. It doesn’t have to be planned just spontaneous. Again it can help shift the emotions through their bodies. They don’t need to know what they are releasing at the time.


In colouring, in eating, in walking, in showering – so many ways. Just slowing down and practising the art of being present. Sounds easy hey! But to be truly present doing something means no distractions and focusing on the one thing. Its amazing how you can loose yourself for hours in a task when you are fully present.

Hope this tool box is of help to you. There are many more things but these are the ones that felt important to share today. Please let me know what you use with your children and what works. Share if you have any more ideas too.

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