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Summer Sanity & Serenity: Mind, Body & Soul.
8 week programme.

This 8-week immersion will be using 6 essential oil blends and many other holistic tools to support you to bring sanity and serenity to your mind, body and soul over the summer!

I am a mum, wife and business owner who has struggled with bringing my body and mind back into balance over the years, especially when the school holidays hit!

I discovered essential oils 20 years ago whilst pregnant with my first child. I used them to inhale and breathe to help me relax. It worked wonders for my mind and body.

Over the next 20 years I learnt more and played more with oils for my emotions and that of my family. We’ve had so many successes, too many to mention.

I then started using them with my clients. I am still amazed at the simple tool and just how effective they are.

Essential oils are part of mine and my family’s daily life. This 8-week programme is just looking at emotional support, but we use them for physical support too. The depth of use seems endless!

I have found that combining my therapy work alongside oils has given me and my clients a deeper level of healing. I want to share this with the world as well as the other tools I use to bring this 8-week programme to you.

I am confident at the end of this programme you will feel the benefits for your mind, body, and soul. I know you will also be able to empower yourself by creating daily habits and inspire your families or clients to help support themselves too!

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Who is this for?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?

  • Are your emotions physically draining you?

  • Do you feel you need more practical support with your emotional wellbeing?

  • Do you want to start doing something to get back into balance, but no clue where to start?

  • Would you like to find a natural way to support your emotional and mental wellbeing?

  • Would you like to learn how to implement simple techniques into your daily life to improve your mindset?​

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What we cover

  • Forgiving self and others

  • Learning to be gentle with ourselves and others

  • Finding inner peace in the chaos

  • Being playful – finding ways to smile more

  • Feeling motivated and actioning it

  • Life purpose – finding passion again



Next programme starting Monday July 11th 2022


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What's included

  • Private FB group

  • 6 zoom sessions using EFT / Tapping and essential oils

  • 6 x 10ml essential oil blends – pure therapeutic grade certified oils

  • A wholesale account to use to purchase essential oils

  • A 45 minute 1 to 1 wellness consultation with me

  • An opportunity to work with me 1 to 1 at a reduced rate using energy therapies

  • Positive affirmations

  • How to anchor with essential oils

  • Mediations and visualisations

  • Useful hints, tips, and tools

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