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Powerful Parenting Membership Group

Powerful Parenting for Neurodiverse and Anxious Families

  • Are you struggling to know how to support your child?

  • Is your child classed as a school refuser?

  • Do you despair at the lack of help for you & your child?

  • Are you wondering what direction to take next?

  • Are you physically, emotionally, & mentally exhausted?

  • Do your friends not understand how you feel?

  • Do you want a community of mums who are in a similar position to you?

  • Do you need support to be able to show up for everyone else?

  • Is your child neurodiverse? Are you?

  • Is your child struggling with their mental health?

  • Do you have little support from school?

  • Are you struggling to hold down a job & other commitments?

  • Does it feel like you are in a state of stress most of the time?

  • Do you feel alone?

  • Are you fighting to get a diagnosis for your child?


This membership group is here to help.

I have set up this membership because I am contacted by parents who just don’t know where to turn. They are in overwhelm, stressed & feel unheard & sometimes not believed about what struggles their children (& them) go through every day. Trying to access education, get a diagnosis, figure out EHCPs, locate funds, constant emails to school, meetings about attendance, trying to be an advocate for their child, not knowing where to get help & in all this trying to keep themselves well so they can support their child.

The system is hard to navigate, & often doesn’t fit our children who don’t fit in the box. All the reasons are valid for our children & us as their parent. All we want is what is best for our child. Often though this is a challenge, & we find ourselves in an isolating position as many friends & family don’t understand.

I am a mum to 3 children & my step son. My children are neurodiverse, 2 with diagnosis, one without. I have been on a journey for the last 12 years navigating the system for their differing needs. I have become an advocate for them within the education system.

As a family we have dealt with many of these issues & more which can be crippling & have an affect on the whole family. I have had successes, many challenges & some break throughs in this time. I have also had very dark isolating times where I have found it hard to see a way forward. I have watched my child become very unwell with mental health issues. These journeys are still continuing. I found comfort in knowing that I wasn’t alone. Finding like minded parents, who had shared experiences helped this immensely.

Through my experiences I feel I can help others navigate this & gain some understanding of the issues our young people are facing. I have discovered that this is not only about my children’s wellbeing but it is also about my own. I have to look after myself, so I can be there for them. When I don’t, things are even harder for all of us.


For £20 a month, there will be

A private community for support, a safe space to chat to parents in a similar position who understand your needs as a parent.

Education around the issues our young people face.

Open session for connection

A bank of tools for you to use for your own and your child’s wellbeing.

Helpful hints and tips



My professional experiences

Qualified Secondary School Teacher

SENCO (Special Education Needs Co Ordinator) primary

Trainer for safeguarding, CSE & child protection

Advanced level EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner

Trained in EFT for young people

Doula & Birth Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Teenage Mentor

One to one teacher for autistic & dyslexic children

Various support groups for parents & parents to be

All these skills & my own personal continuing journey allows me to understand & support other mums & families in a similar position.

To join, click on the link below:

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