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Magic of Alignment Membership Group

  • Do you often feel there is no time for yourself?

  • Is self-care a thing for everyone else?

  • Do you feel out of sorts?

  • Do you feel connected to your mind, body and soul?

  • Are you disconnected from your life?

  • Do you put yourself first?

I understand. Life can be busy and prioritising yourself changes. I know how easily this happens, I am here to empower and inspire you to put yourself first.

I am Rachel, a health and wellbeing practitioner, who loves to work with energy to support women to bring balance and alignment back to their lives.

Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping), meditations, visualisations, cards, essential oils and other healing tools and techniques.

Monthly you will have access to:

  • An online retreat

  • A tapping circle

  • Essential oil education

  • An essential oil blend created to connect with the monthly theme

  • Cuppa and Connect session

  • Theme of the month

  • A weekly card reading

  • A weekly morning mediation

In addition, you will have

  • Extra videos

  • Extra tips

  • Journal prompts

  • Healy resonance healing sent weekly

  • New moon and full moon updates

  • A private Facebook membership group full of resources

  • Opportunities to connect with like minded souls in the community

Who feels now is the time to take the step and put yourself first?

Come join me. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain.

Imagine where this could take you in your personal life?

You could be full of regret if you don’t start putting yourself first now. Think how much you will thank yourself in a years’ time.

Here's what one of my clients has said about working with me...

"It has been a privilege to work with Rachel.


I have found the EFT sessions extremely beneficial and a powerful tool . It has helped me to bring clarity and understanding to some old limiting patterns.

Tapping and chatting really helps to access the core of any issue . Rachel’s sessions incorporate a wealth of knowledge and a wide range of holistic techniques to help support you through your journey.


Rachel’s intuitive, warm and kind nature  helped put me at ease straight away and I have found the tapping sessions to be relaxing , nurturing and very supportive. This has allowed me the space and time to put myself first with the support of Rachel.

I am finding that EFT is a powerful and transformative tool to help unravel issues that have been holding me back.


I highly recommend using EFT  and I very much look forward to continuing my journey with Rachel."

Working with me in this way, holds lots of value. I want to make this accessible to all, so I am offering this at an affordable rate of £44 per month, if you prefer you can pay upfront for a year for just £444.

The monthly cost of the above is over £750, so it is a real opportunity for founder members.

If you feel you would like 1 to 1 support alongside this programme, I am offering affordable founders rates. The monthly membership for this additional service is £88 per month. This includes everything above and a 1 hour 1 to 1 with me once a month. This can be paid upfront for the year with an investment of £888.

This will be for a limited time only, and only available to 6 women for the 1 to 1 package.

I cannot wait to inspire and empower you to put yourself first and see huge transformations in your life.

To book the £44 monthly membership click below:

To book £88 monthly membership click below:

To secure your years membership at the founders rate of £444 use this link

To secure your years membership plus monthly 1 to 1 at the founders rate of £888 use this link


Monthly Themes (These may change)



Spring is on its way. The spring equinox brings the start of the new astrological year. It also brings a time where we sow the seeds in the earth. We will focus on renewing. There is an equal amount of darkness and light at this time. 

April has lighter days ahead, and more opportunity for warm days. The rebirth and reawakening of mother nature. We will use this energy to arise.




May we will give thanks for everything we have already in our lives, and find gratitude for the tiniest of things. The festival of Beltaine is a celebration of fire, of creation and rebrth. Spring makes it way into summer.

What isn't there to love about the summer? June sees the longest day of the year. Where we have the most amount of light in the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice. We will delve into loving ourselves.

We can see how we are developing and growing this month. Focusing on developing ourselves, seeing how we can thrive.


September SELF-CARE


Looking through the eyes of compassion at ourselves. August can be a time where not much is completed due to holidays and children being at home. Lets use compassion to move through August.

A time for self care. We will have had a busy summer, maybe away, maybe looking after children. Peace may have resumed, but are we looking after ourselves enough? Its the autumn equinox, a time to gather crops. Nourishing our bodies with the harvest.

October will see action relating to abundance. Abundance in all areas of our lives - mind, body and soul. We will delve into why we can block abundance or prevent it by our limiting beliefs ad patterns. Samhain, or Halloween as its more commonly known. The summers end, and New Years Eve... a time for celebrating abundance, lighting fires in respect of the sun, and hoping it will return soon. 

December ANCHOR

November RESTORE


February TRUTH

Before the festivities of December we will restore ourselves, reflecting on all the practises and techniques we have introduced over the year.

We will anchor - remain and stay still as much as possible in this festive month. Yuletide is upon us. Using extra grounding for ourselves this month. Looking after ourselves at this time of celebration, pacing and not expecting too much that we burnout. Anchoring out practise into 2023.

After all the celebrations, a new calendar year is here. We will spend time realigning to our visions and goals for the year ahead.

Lets look at your truth. What is stopping you from the life you dream of? Maybe its the 'truths' you tell yourself? Perhaps they are here to keep you small and away from your dreams. We will take a look at the language we tell ourselves.

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